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COLOR: #003366; FONT-SIZE: 18px"><STRONG style="FONT-FAMILY: "><FONT style="FONT-SIZE: 18px">Aircraft Tire</FONT><BR><BR></STRONG></FONT></P> <P style="LINE-HEIGHT: 1.5"><FONT style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial; FONT-SIZE: 14px">Aircraft tire refers to rubber tire used for aircraft, of which the size is generally 6.00-5 or above.<BR><BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "><STRONG><FONT style="COLOR: #003366; FONT-SIZE: 16px">Retreading</FONT><BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "></STRONG>Considering harsh environment, fast speed, huge impact force etc., hot retreading (mold retreading) is more suitable for aircraft tire.<BR><BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "><FONT style="COLOR: #003366; FONT-SIZE: 16px"><STRONG>Our advantages</STRONG></FONT><BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">1. Rich experience and excellent technique with over 30 years retreading experience. China's largest tire retreading equipment manufacturer.<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">2. High specialization. Yalun is specializing in manufacturing tire retreading equipments which offers full-range service, covering plant planning, consultation, technique support and after-sales service. <BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">3. Customization. Yalun can customize equipments on clients' requirements and design reasonable retreading method.<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">4. High quality and credit standing, cost-effective.</FONT></P> <P style="LINE-HEIGHT: 1.5"><FONT style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial; FONT-SIZE: 14px"><FONT style="COLOR: #003366"><BR><STRONG><FONT style="FONT-SIZE: 16px">Hot&nbsp;Retreading Procedure<BR><BR><IMG style="FILTER: ; WIDTH: 600px; HEIGHT: 500px" border=0 hspace=0 alt="aircraft tire hot retreading line" align=absMiddle src="/images/pic/201204/20120406164519911.jpg" width=600 height=500></FONT><BR></STRONG></FONT><BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "><FONT style="COLOR: #003366; FONT-SIZE: 16px"><STRONG>1. Initial Inspection</STRONG></FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <BR>Initial inspection for aircraft tire is to do visual inspection and press testing inspection to decide whether the tire can be retreaded or not.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">Equipments involved:&nbsp; Inspector KTJ, pressure testing machine CQJ, shearography.<BR><BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "><FONT style="FONT-SIZE: 16px"><STRONG><FONT style="COLOR: #003366; FONT-SIZE: 16px">2. Buffing</FONT> <BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "></STRONG></FONT>Buffing is to remove the old, worn tread surface. Before buffing, put tire in FMP and inflate it. Choose the parameter option in user interface according to different sizes and then buffing machine will operate automatically.<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">Equipment involved: Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Buffer FMP</FONT></P> <P style="LINE-HEIGHT: 1.5"><FONT style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial; FONT-SIZE: 14px"><FONT style="COLOR: #003366; FONT-SIZE: 16px"><STRONG>3. Skiving <BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "></STRONG></FONT>Skiving means polishing the mendable broken parts and then repairing the small holes.<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">Equipments involved: skiving machine, pneumatic rubber extruder<BR><BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "><STRONG><FONT style="COLOR: #003366; FONT-SIZE: 16px">4. Building</FONT> </STRONG><BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">Tire building means gluing cushion gum and suited tread to the polished tire under the help of tire builder.<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">Equipments involved: latex mixer, YLT builder<BR><BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "><FONT style="COLOR: #003366; FONT-SIZE: 16px"><STRONG>5. Curing</STRONG></FONT><BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">Curing is a process of integrating unprocessed tread rubber and casing. During the curing process, tread rubber will gradually become tough, durable and with good driving. Firstly, Put pre-cured tire into the mold and close it. Then, inflate the tire to proper curing pressure. As a result, inflated tire will press uncured tread into the mold and patterns on tread will take shape. After a certain time of heat and pressure, the cure of tire will be done.<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">Equipment involved: HFL-1250*500 segment curing press<BR><BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "><FONT style="FONT-SIZE: 16px"><FONT style="COLOR: #003366; FONT-SIZE: 16px"><STRONG>6. Final Inspection</STRONG></FONT> <BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "></FONT>Final Inspection is to inspect all the treated tires thoroughly to make sure high quality.<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">Equipments involved: Spreader KTJ, CQJ pressure testing machine, Shearography, dynamic balance inspection machine)</FONT><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR></P></div> </div> </div> <div class="clear"></div> </div> <div class="ziye_end"></div> <div class="main_bgend"></div> <div class="main_end">Copyright(C) 2012 Leshan Yalun Mold Co.,Ltd All Rights Reserved</div> </body> </html>